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Discover How to Stop Panic Attacks Permanently

Written on May 21, 2012 at 4:08 am, by

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We’ve come across an amazing solution for those seeking a way that will permanently stop anxiety and panic attacks.   If you are somebody that suffers from generalized anxiety and or panic attacks and you’ve searched everywhere for possible methods that you hope will end this dreadful problem but nothing seems to help, I suggest you read on further.

For most of my youth I suffered from panic attacks and unnecessary anxiety, as I would call it.  I can remember as far back as 8 years old and having these intense feelings rushing through my entire body, I was completely unaware that what I was going through was a full-blown panic attack, I just figured it to be a feeling of fear from whatever uncomfortable situation I was in.

Because of these sudden attacks, it made it really tough to go out and enjoy myself.  As a kid growing up I had a difficult time leaving my home or being away from my family.  Having these awful fears and sudden anxieties would really screw up a good time or prevent me from living the life I should have been, it just flat out sucked.

So for my of younger life and into my early twenties I suffered from intense panic attacks, and because I was unaware of what I was really going through I never sought out help, these attacks and anxieties just lingered on.

I finally ended up seeing a therapist in hopes that it would help me with these issues and that I would see an improvement.  However, after a few months of professional guidance I found it to be of no help and choose to stop continuing with the sessions.  When you seek professional help and sit down to speak to a psychologist all you’re doing is talking more of a 1 on 1 conversation but no real methods for how I can get rid of these panic attacks and stressful anxieties.  Unless the psychologist you are seeing has gone through exactly what you are going through, he or she will have no real idea of how to end the problem.

Fast forward 2 years later, and I am now 24 years old, its time to move out of the house I grew up in and move out on my own.  I could start to feel the anxieties getting to me; they became stronger and stronger everyday.  I knew I had to do something about this because I didn’t want to waste anymore time and prevent myself from enjoying life to its fullest potential.

I was up late one night doing a search online for how to stop panic attacks, I ended up coming across this program called The Linden Method – the #1 solution for eliminating generalized anxiety and panic attacks is what it read.  I took a little bit of time to research this product and while doing so I read the many reviews and testimonials associated with it, I was quite impressed but somewhat skeptical at first.  It became obvious that I had to give this program a shot, it was the best chance I had at seriously helping what I was going through.

I ended up purchasing the physical product at $177 there are 3 versions an e-book at $97 and a junior program at $197; all come with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.  As I waited for the Linden Method book I felt pretty confident about its potential for helping me with my panic and anxiety attacks.

The Linden Method was created and developed by ex-panic attack suffer Charles Linden, for over 25 years Charles suffered from intense anxiety and full-blown panic episodes.  His product was created for those suffering from exactly the same thing he went through and how he overcame the attacks and anxieties.  Linden is now living a very happy and fulfilled life, 100% panic attack free, no more phobias or dreadful fears, and after discovering his material you will be cured of panic attacks and other mental health matters.  This is a no-nonsense course you will be amazed at what you read and how this course will change your train of thought.  It has now been 1 year since reading The Linden Method and I can honestly tell you that since then I have not once experienced a panic attack!

This is an amazing product and I couldn’t believe it took me this long to discover it.  It changed my life in ways I never thought possible and made me look at things from a different viewpoint.  What Charles shares with you will be the best information on how to stop panic attacks period!  You will not find a better insight into this subject anywhere.
This course has worked for me and for thousands of others.  If you are ready to rid yourself of those awful experiences from panic attacks and anxiety I strongly recommend this course to you.  I am extremely confident in what this program will do for you, but don’t just take my word for it; click the link below to read the many positive testimonials about The Linden Method.

The Linden Method

I truly hope this course helps you and you can start living a panic and anxiety attack free life!

I would love to hear from all of you that purchase this course, please come back and share your experience here.

All the Best!

How to Stop Panic Attacks & Make a Fresh New Start

Written on May 18, 2012 at 2:01 am, by

If the mere thought of stepping out of your home fills you with a crippling fear, you need to step on it and find out how to stop panic attacks.  Every symptom of a panic disorder adds to the victim’s feeling of helplessness and trauma. Your arms can go numb and you might feel as if you are having a cardiac arrest.

The reason many victims develop an intense fear of venturing out of their homes is because of an irrational phobia that they might develop a serious medical condition outside. This feeling can also be triggered by the demise of someone in the family.

We all fear death but if this fear of the grim reaper compels you to remain confined within your home for weeks at a time then it’s time that you get therapy on how to stop panic attacks. There are various therapies and you have to find one that works best for you.  Spiritual reflection and prayer helped heal a long time sufferer who now leads a normal life.

Recently, a study published in Psychiatry Research concluded that in certain cases, schizophrenia also exhibits  comorbid panic disorder. This condition is known as known as panic psychosis and can be classified as a distinct subtype of schizophrenia.
Panic attacks have been reported in a number of celebrities who live a fishbowl existence. The pressure of being under the spotlight all the time seems to compound the feeling of anxiety.

On the other hand, we all are living in an age of intense pressure and anxiety. Many people are unaware that their affliction stems from a psychological condition rather than a cardiac disorder which they keep imagining all along. It is when they call for emergency services that they realize that the heart attack was actually a severe panic disorder.

Seek Professional Help For How to Stop Panic Attacks

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Learning how to stop panic attacks can pre-empt many frightening situations when panic attacks simulate the typical symptoms of a heart attack. What would your reaction be to palpitations, a racing pulse, clammy hands and crippling anxiety?

Like most people, you would naturally presume that this is the beginning of a heart attack when in reality, this would be just a panic attack.  Whether you are having an actual heart attack or not, it is a frightening experience which can leave you paralyzed with fear. Indeed, just this fear and the resultant trauma can aggravate the symptoms even more.

When undergoing treatment for how to stop panic attacks, you will discover that panic attacks can appear in various avatars .  You could start feeling faint, perspiring or get a feeling of extreme terror.  Be ready to fight your affliction and don’t go into a shell and start avoiding people and places which you feel might trigger the feeling of anxiety.

When you feel the panic attack coming, start breathing deeply and avoid hyperventilating which is only going to make you feel worse. In fact, deep breathing is recommended for everyone, not necessarily for those who suffer from a panic disorder. One day, when you are feeling fine, sit down and take stock of your life and try to ferret out the source of your anxiety.  Where does your stress spring from? Is it your children or finances or the illness of a near or dear one?  Try and be your own therapist. We all suffer from stress nowadays.

Some of us can deal with it and for some, the same stress becomes a trigger for various debilitating symptoms.  Being physically unfit can also be a source of stress and hitting the gym or taking brisk walks regularly can also work wonders on your psyche. Of course,  if nothing works, then you need to seek professional help and rid your sub – conscious of its inner demons.

How to Stop Panic Attacks With Therapy

Written on May 15, 2012 at 2:15 am, by

Procrastination in getting treatments for how to stop panic attacks can have a negative impact on every other sphere of your life. Just getting out of bed can become a chore. A lack of concentration at work coupled with the onset of depression can wreck your life. A very successful actor was suffering from panic attacks from his twenties and which grew progressively worse until he was well into his sixties.

Spiralling depression begin to precipitate suicidal thoughts. In his words, the chronic anxiety which had him in its stranglehold would paralyze him.  It took a course of antidepressants for 18 months and ten years of therapy to get his life in order again.

Don’t go to counselling sessions for how to stop panic attacks with the attitude that this is just a problem that you have to learn to live with and the panic disorder is just a part of your eccentric personality.

Whether an illness is of the body or the mind, your attitude plays an enormous role in your recovery. A cynical, negative and pessimistic approach to your illness will mitigate the chances of your recovery. Always remember that the power of the mind if a powerful force which you can manipulate at your will and so it is with your panic disorder.
I wonder how many people would be aware that even children can suffer from panic attacks.

I wasn’t until I read about a tragic case of an 11-year-old boy from England who died from fits which were caused by panic attacks. Tragically, this incident took place on the first day of a holiday with his family in Greece. Imagine the trauma of his parents! For more than a year, the poor child had been suffering from these panic attacks which would cause his limbs to shake, his eyes to blink and his breathing would cease for up to a minute.

The inquest revealed that the boy’s anxiety issues were chiefly precipitated following a separation from his mother who had relocated to Spain. He was living with his father and his second wife. His fits tended to increase in frequency whenever a visit to his mother would be imminent. Surprisingly, the boy was otherwise very fit and was into cross-country running and other sports. What a tragic story!

How to Stop Panic Attacks and Take Charge of Your Life

Written on May 13, 2012 at 7:41 pm, by

Some basic pointers on how to stop panic attacks can give solace to so many who continue to suffer in silence.  Insecurities and anxiety were her constant companions due to which she would refuse to venture out of her home for weeks at a time. In the beginning, I had no clue about the inner demons which this seemingly happy woman had been battling with for the most part of her life.  Her secret worries were always expertly masked behind the facade of her happy demeanour. It always amazes me that you always think you know someone really well but you never really do know what the other person is thinking or feeling.

If you suspect that anyone you deeply care about or even any acquaintance suffers from a panic disorder, gently urge that person to seek help on how to stop panic attacks. We know of a lot of celebrities who exude supreme confidence and self –assurance on the red carpet but the reality tells another story.  The public persona and the person when alone at home seem to be entirely different people. Knowing someone intimately who suffers from chronic anxiety has made me more sympathetic and compassionate towards people who suffer from this condition.

To be honest, my attitude in the past towards people who suffer from anxiety or depression was unsympathetic and in retrospect, pretty callous. This is a medical condition and for some people, this condition can manifest itself in the form of severe hypochondria. I was reading about a celebrity who gave a frank interview about his inner trauma. He would imagine that he had palpitations and visits to the cardiologist about his imagined condition were frequent. Despite reassurances from his doctor that he was fit as a fiddle, he would make another appointment for a second round of a check up.

Watching television alone at home, his thoughts would keep straying towards how fast his heart was beating and he would start to count his heartbeats. Unfortunately, he has been steadfast in his belief that he does not require therapy and his panic disorder is a  part of who he is as a person. He has learnt to live his condition. That approach I believe unwise and foolish. How best to deal with anxiety is to seek help as soon as possible.

Various Options On How to Stop Panic Attacks

Written on May 10, 2012 at 9:18 pm, by

If you are accustomed to suffering from spells of intense fear or apprehension, then you urgently need to find ways on how to stop panic attacks.  For the uninitiated who are fortunate to lead normal lives, these anxiety attacks usually begin suddenly out of the blue, reach a crescendo within 10 minutes and then gradually subside over the next couple of hours. An onlooker may wonder what all the fuss is about but only those afflicted know what they are going through. Indeed, those experiencing a panic attack for the first time might think that they are having a nervous breakdown or worse, a heart attack.

If you have been experiencing repeated panic attacks, then you are suffering from a panic disorder and you need guidance on how to stop panic attacks. A screening tool such as Panic Disorder Severity Scale is a questionnaire used to detect suspected cases and the severity of disorder. At the outset, the most important aspect of any treatment is to stay positive. A negative mindset will whittle away the benefits of any form of intervention.  The treatments vary from psychological therapies to medication although in my opinion therapy is always a healthier method instead of popping pills which always come with side effects.

Research on how to stop panic attacks received a huge boost with studies by Barbara Milrod and her colleagues which revealed that psychoanalytic psychotherapy exhibited enormous benefits in relieving panic attacks with fewer relapses as compared to behavioural approaches. On the other hand, many patients who have undergone pharmacotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) have also reported positive results.

Although medication could show faster results, the flipside is that the symptoms tend to reappear once the medication is discontinued.  On the other hand, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has the advantages of no side effects and lesser chances of a relapse following the treatment. Those planning to undergo Cognitive Behavioural  Therapy need to be aware of the prohibitive costs of treatment as well as the protracted duration of treatment.

How to Stop Panic Attacks with Vipassana Meditation

Written on May 9, 2012 at 1:21 am, by

If your a slave to anxiety, then how to stop panic attacks would be a question  you would have asked yourself many times?  Probably, there are two kinds of people —  those who keep calm in the face of the worst possible crisis and those who live with anxiety everyday of their lives.  If you belong to the latter category, then you need to explore various techniques to cope with your dilemma.

It would give you solace to know that Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, suffered from a panic disorder for much of his life. In a classic case of irony, he was suffering from an anxiety disorder at the time of writing his famous treatise on anxiety neurosis.

In your quest for the answer to How to stop panic attacks, you must understand that you are not suffering from any serious illness but a perfectly treatable disorder. Freud was not convinced with the explanation that his symptoms were nervous in origin and he sought the psychological cause. He crafted an elaborate model based on the psychology of the mind and the role that one’s internal conflicts play in precipitating and sustaining these feelings of anxiety.  Whatever may be the source of your internal conflicts, you first need to calm your nerves and the Buddhist technique of Vipasana meditation can work wonders.

There are many who swear by Vipasana meditation for dealing with panic attacks.  This 2500 year old art of meditation techniques achieves self-transformation through self-observation using the profound connection between the mind and the body. Panic attacks can also be triggered by stress due to a problem or illness in the family.

I read about a lady whose panic attacks began when her five-year-old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy.  Her symptoms included tunnel vision, sweaty palms, thumping heartbeat and the feeling that she was about the die. She was experiencing this nightmare in the day and in the night and as she said, one panic attack triggers many more.

She then decided to treat her panic attack disorder with therapy which included long walks and exercises.  The benefits of these strategies coincided with the steady improvement in her daughter’s condition and her panic attacks slowly faded into oblivion. Unfortunately, a few years later, her daughter suffered a relapse and her attacks also resumed.

She then started on Vipasana meditation and has continued without a break. The results have been outstanding.  Although, her daughter is still unwell, this determined lady has taught herself to deal with life’s twists and turns without becoming a prisoner to anxiety.

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